As Presbyterians, we believe the church is called by God into relationship with one another.  Being called together by God, we believe in the authority of Scripture in ordering life together as the church.  Therefore, the expectation of the membership is that we strive to live our lives in obedience to God’s Word.


Anyone who desires to become a member of the church is invited to talk with the pastor about their desire.  Upon the recommendation of the pastor, the person would then come before the session to be received.  During a service of worship, the person would confess their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior by “Affirmation of Faith”, or “Reaffirmation of Faith”.  A third way of joining the church is by “Transfer of Letter” from another church.  The Clerk of Session would contact the church and request the transfer.  The person would still be required to reaffirm their faith during a service of worship.  All persons wishing to be united with the church must be baptized.  If not previously baptized, baptism would take place in the same service that their faith is professed. 


We are people of all ages, of different races, and from different walks of life.  What unites us is Jesus Christ, who is Head of the church with the members as His body, called to be a demonstration of who He is to the world around us.  We seek peace and unity in the church, and above all else, we seek to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ, both personally and in life together; and we look to the Holy Spirit to enable us to discern what is faithful.